6S CubeSat Project

Satellite for
Structural battery and
Solar cell testing

6S CubeSat

6S is 1U CubeSat that will be the first satellite entirely designed and built by students of Politecnico di Milano. Our goal is to provide opportunity to get hands on experience and apply knowledge about mission and subsystems design in practice. We are also creating network with external parties, as the team meets with interested companies, securing not only components or sponsorships, but also future jobs.

6S Payloads


Testing of perovskite solar cells

Test of postage-cards new generation solar cells.

They have:

  • High efficiency
  • High specific power (i.e. power to weight ratio)
  • Excellent radiation resistance

Design challenges:

  • The mission requires measuring the following quantities:
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Temperature
  • Light intensity on the external surface

Technology demonstration of green propellant thruster - SteamJet

It is a prototype of water-based miniaturized electro-thermal thruster.

The system can be stored partially in the tunacan (fitting inside the coil spring of the CubeSat deployer mechanism)

We would like to prove station-keeping and de-orbit maneuvers for a CubeSat

Design challenges:

  • Volume constraints
  • Power draw
  • Pointing accuracy

Structural battery testing – VoltaStructural

It is a rigid sandwich panel that acts as a battery and can carry loads at the same time

The battery can be both planar and curved.

Design challenges:

  • Very low TRL (only demonstrated)
  • Careful thermal control
  • Outgassing & space debris


Phase 0
6S team has performed a deep study about the selected payloads for the CubeSat mission, providing the understanding of their functioning, their properties (mass, power, interfaces data, etc) and constraints they introduce to the mission design. In addition to the payload analysis, the team identified and provided a justification for the mission, mission objectives and mission requirements and a technical description of how the mission will be accomplished. The outcome of this phase was preparation of Mission Definition Review Document.
Phase A
6s Team is currently working on the preparation of Preliminary Requirement Review. We are working on preliminary sizings, deciding when to launch, the course the spacecraft is to take, what is to be done during cruise, when the spacecraft will reach the target, and what operations will be carried out The PRR is scheduled for November 2021.